French Bull Plates and Platters

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French Bull tableware available online in Australia at Sooper Design. Vibrant colour platters and plates for everyday outdoor entertaining.

French Bull Blog

Sooper Design have a variety of plates for the kids known as the Jungle plate range. Choose from monkey plates, elephant plates, lion plates, giraffe plates. We had a healthy lunch of fruit and salads using the plates and platters of French Bull Mosaic and Twist tableware. For quick delivery in Australia contact

French Bull Lifestyle with Sooper Design

French Bull Lifestyle with Sooper Design

Garden Glory Hose

Garden Glory Sooper Design pink hoses

Garden Glory garden hoses available online at Sooper Design Australia. These gorgeous scandinavian garden hoses and accessories are described by their designer Linda Brattlof as being “For glamorous people with dirty nails™”. The Garden hoses are available in all colours and combinations: pink hose, black hose, gold hose.

Garden Glory Sooper Design gold hose

Free Shipping around Australia.

How it all began:

When Linda moved with her family to a country style house she found an inspiring garden that tickled her gardening urges. Though not born with especially green fingers,she had always been interested in gardening from a perspective of design, colour and form. One day, Linda noticed the old green hose hanging on the wall, and thought, this could be something completely different and new.  Easier said than done! All the hoses available were green or yellow with orange nozzles. These hoses did not provide inspiration  to go out and create a fabulous garden and they didn’t add anything aesthetic to the wall. After a while, the idea was born and Linda has designed a beautiful range of hoses and accessories that are exclusive, high quality with a fun feel that inspire fulfilling gardening. After finding the perfect manufacturer that could produce a high quality hoses, the Garden Glory seed began to grow and flourish.

A message from Linda…

Who wants to cut the red roses in ugly gloves? Where are all the dazzling rakes hiding? And why is no one wearing sequined rubber boots when it is pouring rain? We want the outdoor life to be more beautiful, elegant and merry. That is why we decided to be the first company in the world to design colorful garden hoses, followed by our nozzles and wall mounted hose holders. Our hoses inspire a dance through the pansies and getting out to nourish your precious flowers and zesty leaves. They can be placed on any walls and you can mix, match and have fun with the designs.I hope you like what you see and be inspired to dance with your dazzling nozzle and stunning hose!

Wishing you colour, beauty and rich top soil!

Linda Brattlöf,

Founder of Garden Glory



Sooper Summer Essentials

Posted by Jacqui.

beach cricket
Summer has finally arrived – that long awaited icon of the Australian lifestyle is here at last. In Melbourne we have been yearning for the start of summer, it seems, since Easter and right on cue, the first 2 days of the official summer has given us 30º+ maximums. Melburnians have flocked to the beaches and I’m sure there are some tell tale shades of pink fronting at workplaces the state over.

226 copy

As one of the hardest working cultures in the world its understandable that we want to loosen up, relax, be social, a little bit cheeky and even break a few rules. We want to indulge ourselves in the simple things like beach cricket, backyard barbies and pool parties. Some of us want to use the warm weather to grow our own salad veggies or turn our gardens into outdoor cinemas.

But summer means more than just sunshine, blue skies and clear water, right? Our mood has lifted over spring and we’ve given our homes a spring clean so that we’re ready to open them up to our family and friends or shut down and get away to our favourite local holiday spots. Whatever we do, there’s a different set of ‘things’ needed to really take advantage of summer and designers have been working tirelessly through the colder months to bring us those essentials that really set summer apart from the rest of the year.
Here are a few must haves for summer 13/14.

de luxe

If the heat is leaving you feeling a little wilted, imagine your poor plants. Treat them to a glamourous watering with a de luxe gold digger garden hose from Sooper Design.


french bull

An outdoor entertaining must have these melamine plates and platters from French Bull are available from Sooper Design from December 7.



Team your unbreakable plates and platters with this sparkling super clear unbreakable drinkware designed by renowned Australian designer Marc Newson. Available in 6 colours from Sooper Design


727 bag

If you’re the sport type a duffle bag made from used sails and leather from 727 will hold all you require in style. Click here to enquire.


727 bean bag

Or if you just love the romance of sailcloth you can relax outdoors on this 727 beanbag made from up-cycled sailcloth. Each one is unique and has a tag identifying the source of the sail. Click here to enquire.



Shade yourself in colour with a basil bangs shade umbrella. Click here for stockists.


cheese tent

and if camping is your thing, you are sure to get noticed in a home away from home from field candy. 

However you choose to spend summer, enjoy …


California Design 1930-1965

Posted by Jacqui


A moulded Plywood Elephant designed by Charles and Ray Eames

One of the most challenging design projects I undertook at design school was to develop collateral for a Mid Century Modern exhibition. Part of the challenge was the awe and respect that I had for our visiting lecturer. I was so fearful of getting it wrong and not impressing this guru of mid century style design that I totally immersed myself into the era and found a style that really gripped my creativity.

In America, Mid Century (pre and post war) Designers brought major innovations to the design process. They exploited the availability of new materials such as moulded and shaped plywood, fibreglass, wire mesh and synthetic resins. They explored new techniques, many of which grew out of the defence and aerospace industries and they defined modern American material culture.

So, it is with childlike excitement that I explore this new exhibition at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art

‘California Design 1930-1965: Living in a Modern Way’ is a gathering of industrial, architectural, commercial, fashion and craft design from California. It has been organised by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and presents over 250 objects, including an iconic aluminium 1936 Airstream ‘Clipper’ trailer and objects by the acclaimed designers Charles and Ray Eames, Henry Dreyfuss, Dorothy Wright Liebes and Raymond Loewy. You will also see household names like Levi Strauss and Mattel through displays of fashion and children’s toys.


clipperNewspaper advert for The Clipper


dressDress by Irene Saltern, 1960


deskDesk by Greta Magnusson Grossman, 1952


swimsuitsCalifornia Lobster two-piece swimsuit, swim trunks, and man’s shirt by Mary Ann DeWeese, 1949


surfboard    Surfboard by Greg Noll, c.1960


And there’s a Pop up shop and Up Late Friday night events to enjoy.

Images and references from and

“Everything is design. Everything!” – Paul Rand

Posted by Jacqui

paul rand

Being a designer and promoter of design, I was naturally horrified when I came upon this statement from revered designer Paul Rand*,
then I paused and started to ponder “if this is so, then what is design?”

If you define design as anything that begins with a plan or intent then this statement immediately plunges into a very murky grey space…

eg. 1/ When I throw out my rubbish, while ‘designed’ to allow the garbo’s to collect my unwanted, is this creating really design or just fulfilling my need to get rid of stuff.

eg. 2/ The slamming of a door, while ‘designed’ to annoy me and force me to do something about it, serves no real function and was not the result of any plan or intent.

eg. 3/ A half empty bottle of wine may be ‘designed’ to tell me to stop drinking, but is not in itself the intention of the winemaker or anybody else that I can think of.

So, now I’ve distracted you with my rubbish, slamming doors and drinking habits, I pose the question “in order to constitute design does it have to be aesthetically pleasing or functional?” (certainly none of my 3 examples can be described as such).

My answer is a definite  ”No”! Even bad design was created with intent.

And my inconclusive conclusion …

I’m not convinced that “everything is design” (please add your comments) but I am quite clear that not all design is good, so let’s have some fun and look at some examples of good and bad design.

Please Note. While it may be a matter of opinion as to which design is good and which is bad, to give you some help, all the good design is on the right hand side and available through Sooper Design Shop Online.

Left: Frisa Lamp, designed by Anika Engelbrecht
Right: Acacia Floor Light by Marc Pascal


timber stools

Left: One divided by two,designed by Andrea Magnani.
Right: Dress Code by Toshi Ueno


wine glasses

Left: Glass Tank, designed  and manufactured by Kyouei Design.
Right: Kenetic wine glasses hand blown by Emma Klau


stools 2

Left: The Beware Stool designed and manufactured by RNB Design
Right: The Array Stool by Power To Make


Dora rokii

Left: Limited edition Dora Aquapet
Right: Rokii ride on animal and egg rocker


rope chairs

Left: Witness flat chair, designed by Jurgen Bey
Right: Rope Deck Chair by Thread Architecture


*Paul Rand was an American graphic designer, best known for his corporate logo designs. He was one of the originators of the Swiss Style of graphic design. He designed many posters and corporate identities, including the logos for IBM, Apple, UPS and ABC. Rand died in 1996.